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Evolving From Monitoring: Why Observability Is Essential for Your Business

Faster is better, especially for businesses. Cloud-native technologies — while they deliver customer-facing applications and new features faster than ever — come with potential challenges, like complex dependencies. For every deployment, there are new potential errors, slowness or outages.

Monitoring solutions have come a long way, but they often fall short in modern environments. That’s why an observability solution is essential — it gives critical context, identifies major problems and empowers teams to enhance service performance and customer experience.

In this e-book, you’ll discover how Splunk Observability Cloud helps unlock your business’s full potential, helping teams:

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  • Use AI to confidently detect and resolve the biggest problems
  • Add business context to data
  • Tag, view and analyze specific traces to quickly identify problems
  • Identify the impact of change with less manual effort and in real time

Read Evolving From Monitoring: Why Observability Is Essential for Your Business to learn how to align your telemetry data to pinpoint and prioritize issues that impact service performance and customer experience the most — bridging the gap between system health and business outcomes.

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