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Get To Know Splunk

Customer stories. Product walkthroughs. Splunker spotlights. Get to know more about Splunk — what we do, and who we are — through these videos.

Expand Your Data Universe to the Edge: A Supply Chain Saga

Reimagine Observability Data and Learn How to Shine a Green Light on the Blurriness of your Data Centers’ CO2 Emissions

Splunk Data Processor in Cloud

Splunk for Supply Chain

Mastering SVC with Splunk App for Chargeback: Mapping Business Hierarchy (Part 2)

Mastering SVC with Splunk App for Chargeback: App Walkthrough (Part 1)

Mastering SVC with Splunk App for Chargeback: Platform Optimization (Part 3)

Data Insider: What Are Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality?

Use OpenTelemetry Processors to Change Collected Backend Data

Observability Jumpstart

Use Your Own Data

Network Explorer Overview

Actionable Alerting

Splunk Observability in Less Than 2 Minutes

Unify Your Security Operations with Splunk Mission Control

SOCtails - Unify Security Operations with Splunk Mission Control

Monitor and Alert Kubernetes in Seconds

Real-Time, Interactive Visualization

Rapid Detection and Incident Scoping with Splunk Enterprise Security 7.1

Monitor and Troubleshoot Kubernetes-Based Deployments

How to Create Custom Dashboards and Alerts to Achieve the Best Mean Time to Detection

Getting the Most Out of Synthetics

Get More Out of Your Workload Pricing Investment with the Cloud Monitoring Console

How to Increase Trace Cardinality With OpenTelemetry

A Quick Start Guide to OpenTelemetry-JS and Express

From Problem Detection to Resolution in Minutes with Splunk’s Observability Suite

Improve Business KPIs with Splunk APM Business Workflows

Getting data into Splunk

Maximizing the Performance of Your Kubernetes Deployment

How to Deploy the OpenTelemetry Collector

Setting Up Log Observer Connect

How to Instrument Java Applications

Easily Identify and Isolate JavaScript Errors with Splunk RUM

Getting Your Data Into Infrastructure Monitoring

Mobile RUM Overview

Instrumenting Your Microservices Based JavaScript Application from Start to End

Easily Measure Performance of Dynamic Single Page Applications with Splunk RUM

Splunk Tales: What is OnDemand Services?

Filtering Overview

Exploring Latency in Tag Spotlight

Memory Profiling for Java Applications with AlwaysOn Profiling

Quickly Identify Client Side Errors and Latency with Splunk RUM

Troubleshoot Your Splunk Mobile Fleet

Around the World with Splunk Mobile’s Spacebridge

Quick Configuration for Splunk App for Chargeback

Quick Setup for the Splunk App for Chargeback

Splunk App for Chargeback Initial Set Up and Configuration

This is What You Have Been Waiting for …. Dark Mode!

Searching for the Answer? Try Splunk Federated Search

Scaling Kubernetes with Splunk and AWS

Scaling Kubernetes with Google Cloud and Splunk

Accelerate Your Serverless Journey with Splunk and AWS

Log Observer Connect: Leverage the power of Splunk Enterprise data in Splunk Observability Cloud

Splunk Tales: Victoria Experience

Splunk Tales: Operational Contacts

Getting Ready for a smooth, speedy migration to the Splunk Cloud Platform

Sapura Navegação Embraces the Power of Dashboard Studio

Data to What?!? Surfing the Data Wave

Data to What?!? Saving Doggies With Splunk

Data to What?!? Brewing the Perfect Pint

How Splunk IT Service Intelligence Assures Business Service Performance for Financial Institutions

Everything Dashboards: Reimagine your dashboards with Dashboard Studio

Welcome to Splunk!

Don’t get stalked by alerts. Splunk Observability Cloud gives you automated troubleshooting to reduce alert storms.

Stop Chasing Answers. Splunk Observability Clouds gets you AI-driven, real-time streaming analytics

Ditch the tools. Splunk Observability Clouds helps you monitor your entire environment all from one

See All Your Alerts. Splunk Observability Cloud provides NoSample™ full fidelity data ingest that operates at any scale.

Fast and Powerful Log Investigation for DevOps Teams

Product Explainer Video: Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring for Real-time Monitoring in the Cloud


Splunk On-Call prevents and cuts downtime episode length by half

So. Many. Tools.

Alert Stalking

The Chase

With Splunk Synthetic Monitoring, proactively find and fix your user experience issues

Go beyond basic uptime and performance monitoring with Splunk Synthetic Monitoring

Prioritize and resolve performance defects with Splunk Web Optimization

Detect any issue with Splunk APM before it turns into a customer problem

SOCtails Episode 4 - Respond Fast to Security Incidents with Automated Playbooks

Getting Data Into Splunk Security Analytics for AWS

Detecting and Investigating Threats in Splunk Security Analytics for AWS

Splunk ITSI for Business Service Insights

Splunk APM maximizes performance by seeing everything in your application

Code Deploy Confidently with NoSample™ Full Fidelity Distributed Tracing in Splunk APM

Splunk Observability Cloud: Cutting through the complexity of modern applications

Splunk Digital Experience Monitoring: Real insights into real user experience

Watch Splunk's Observability Cloud Demo

Monitor Function-as-a-Service with end-to-end visibility in Splunk Observability Cloud

Explainer Video: Splunk for Infrastructure Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Keeping Watch Over Microservices and Containers

The Cloudy One: Monitoring

Logs and Metrics and Traces, Oh My!

Network Observability for Distributed Services

Under the Hood With Splunk Observability

End-to-End Observability Drives Great Digital Experiences

Splunk SOAR Playbooks: Crowdstrike Malware Triage

Data Stream Processor

Service Visibility with IT Service Intelligence (ITSI)

Splunk IT Essentials Learn Demo

Splunk On-Call Demo

Splunk Observability Suite Beta Demo

Splunk APM Demo

Splunk Service Intelligence for SAP® Solutions

Kubernetes Navigator Demo

Splunk RUM Demo

Splunk Workload Management

Splunk SOAR Demo Video

Cloud Monitoring Console: Upgrade Readiness Dashboard

Splunk Metric Store

Splunk Redefines Application Performance Monitoring with SignalFx Microservices APM

What Is Modern Infrastructure Monitoring?

SOCtails Episode 3 – The Cybersecurity Olympics

Splunk Business Flow Demo Video

SOCtails Episode 2 – Automate your Security Operations

Talk to Your Data with Splunk NLP

Keep Your SOCs Up With Splunk

SOCtails Episode 1 - Respond to Security Alerts from Anywhere

Python 3 in Splunk Enterprise 8.0

Splunk App for Hyperledger Fabric

Metrics Workspace in Action

Data Retention in Splunk Cloud

Splunk App for Infrastructure Demo

What’s New in Splunk Enterprise 7.3?

Connected Experiences from Splunk

Splunk Phantom - Your Go-to SOAR Solution | Video

Transform to New IT

Drive DevOps Success with Data

Lean Into the Speed of DevOps with VictorOps

Splunk Enterprise at Zeppelin

Splunk Enterprise Security: Event Sequencing

Splunk Enterprise Security: SIEM Use Case Library

What's New With Splunk 7.2

Predictive IT with Splunk IT Service Intelligence

Splunk Enterprise Security: Glass Tables

Splunk Enterprise Security: Visibility into SaaS Apps

The Future of Industrial IoT

Splunk Insights for Infrastructure Video

Splunk Enterprise Security Content Update

Splunk for IT Operations

What’s New With Splunk 7.1

What's New in MLTK Version 3.1 and 3.2

Splunk Investigation Workbench Demo

The Marriage of Metrics and Logs with Splunk Project Waitomo

Overview of Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) for Event Analytics

Getting Started With Splunk ITSI Glass Tables

Drilling Down Into Your Business Services with Splunk ITSI

Machine Learning and Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI)

Using Splunk for Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps)

What's New in Splunk Enterprise 7.0

Ransomware Vulnerability Assessment

Intro to Splunk IT Service Intelligence

Splunk IT Service Intelligence Deep Dives

Splunk ITSI Modules

Splunk IT Service Intelligence Troubleshooting

Splunk Everywhere! Ransomware

Splunk IT Service Intelligence Event Analytics

Splunk for Security Investigation: Command and Control Analysis

Simplifying Data Prep and Analysis

Essential Guide To Machine Data: "Lightboard" Edition

Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit

Splunk for Security Investigation: Ransomware

Splunk for Security Investigation: Threat Scoping

Splunk for Security Investigation: Threat Validation

Splunk for Security Investigation: Threat Detection

Did Someone Say Free Dev/Test License?

Splunk: The Enterprise Machine Data Fabric

What's New In Splunk Cloud & Splunk Enterprise 6.5

Art of the Possible: Smart Meters

Video: Machine Learning and Anomaly Detection

Splunk User Behavior Analytics: The Whiteboard

Search, Filter and Correlate

Chart, Predict and Visualize Statistics

Explore Your Data

Visualize Geographic Data in Real Time

Monitoring and Alerts Ready for the Cloud

What Is Modern Infrastructure Monitoring?

Gain End-to-End AWS Visibility

Splunk Enterprise Security Demo

Splunk Incident Review Demo

Enterprise Security Threat Intelligence Demo

Splunk User Behavior Analytics Overview

What's New In Splunk Enterprise 6.4 & Splunk Cloud

What's In a Name? Splunk If I Know

Respond to Advanced Attacks with Splunk Enterprise Security 4.0

Splunk: How to Prevent Insider Threats

Splunk Enterprise 6.3 Overview

Splunk IT Service Intelligence

Splunk Cloud Is Industry's Only Enterprise-ready Cloud Service

Splunk Enterprise Overview: Turning Machine Data into Operational Intelligence

Splunk Enterprise Overview: Machine Data to Operational Intelligence

Video: Splunk Transforms DevOps Process

Splunk Enterprise 6.1

Splunk Video: What Is Machine Data?

Compare Splunk Security Analytics vs. Traditional SIEM | Splunk

Splunk Enterprise (SIEM): Why Splunk For Security?

Why Splunk?

Splunk Everywhere! Internet of Things

"Splunk Enterprise 6"

Watch Splunk Success Stories

View All Close All

Ersilia Open Source Initiative Customer Case Study

Carrefour – Enterprise Resilience in Action

ManpowerGroup Employs Splunk to Deliver Insights 60x Faster and Ramp up Global Security

Cal Poly Drives Resilience While Training Tomorrow’s Security Leaders

Data on Tap

Splunk Critical to Analyze Hundreds of Millions of Data Points for Stripe

Nubank Takes on the Future of Digital Banking With Splunk

REI Is All-in on Splunk Security

Ingredients for Success: Cloud Transformation

Driving Business Resilience

Papa John's and Splunk Boost Digital Business

Splunk Is Mission-Critical to Nubank's Operation

REI's Security and Cloud Transformation Journey

Splunk Is Mission-Critical to Stripe's Payment Processing

EY Turns Data into Doing

Honda Harnesses the Power of Splunk

Zoom: Thriving in the Data Age

Nasdaq: Going All-in on Cloud

University of Arizona: Helping Students Thrive During the Pandemic

McLaren: Driven by Data

Atlassian: Accelerating Observability in the Data Age

Slack: Turning Data into Doing

Airbus: Flying Into the Data Age

McLaren: Driven by Data

Connecting the dots for security analysts

Bringing Threat Intelligence to Security Playbooks — Recorded Future and Splunk Phantom

Intel Hunts the One Percent of Adversaries With Innovations in Data Intelligence

Bringing Data to Home Security and Ensuring Peace of Mind

TalkTalk Uses Splunk to Detect Problems Early and Improve Network Performance

Cloudreach Accelerates Digital Transformation with Cloud Monitoring from SignalFx

Focus on Customers to Deliver the Value They Deserve

Puget Sound Energy Improves Response Time With Real-Time Data, Saves With Facility Intelligence

Domino’s Drives Innovation With Data

Porsche Brings Data to Everything

NetHope Brings Connectivity to Relief Organizations and Affected Communities

Powering Forensic Research at Purdue With Splunk

Making Dreams Come True With Splunk Certification

Data Propelled Value

Using Data to Gain an Edge Against Wildfires

Namely Employs Splunk to Enable Observability and Engineering Productivity | Video

Greater Insights and Greater Value with Splunk and Accenture

Support From Anywhere

Splunk Enterprise at Zeppelin

Onshape Solves Their Biggest Monitoring Challenges With SignalFx

Drift’s Real-Time Conversations Require Real-Time Cloud Monitoring

Analytics-Driven Security at Aflac

SplunkTrust Summit 2018 Highlights

Data Analytics Success in Manufacturing: Shaw & Splunk

Smooth Sailing with Carnival and Splunk

Carnival Navigates Sea of Data With Splunk

NIF, World’s Largest Laser and Splunk

SplunkTrust: Dawn Taylor, University of Alberta

Opening Doors with Npower and Splunk

TransUnion Invests in Splunk Solutions for Enterprise Monitoring, Machine Learning

SplunkTrust: Clara Merriman, SONIFI Solutions

Smart Locomotive Maintenance: DB Cargo & Splunk

Building the Airport of the Future: Dubai Airports & Splunk

SplunkTrust: Rich Mahlerwein, Forest County Potawatomi Community

NRC Health’s Tony Reinke: It’s More Than Just Professional

Better Event Management: Splunk ITSI at Leidos

Jiffy Lube Takes a Proactive Approach to Security

Montana: Big Sky and Big Data

Tech Strikes Against Modern-Day Slavery

Shazam Uses Splunk to Make Mobile App Data Sing


A Single Pane of Glass: State of Louisiana & Splunk

Zillow Helps Customers Find Their Way Home With Machine Learning

Women in Tech: SF’s Nina D'Amato

Opportunity of Imagination: Infotek

Moving Forward: Splunk & Prince George’s County

Accelerating Security Investigations: Splunk and Travis Perkins

Deterring Threats With Splunk Cloud

Connecting and Mobilizing Veterans for Disaster Relief

Splunk and Indiana University: Earning High Marks

Democratizing Data: Yelp & Splunk

Goodbye Silos: Splunk & UNC

Democratizing Healthcare Data: Splunk & Molina Healthcare

Working Smarter: NIST

Efficient Compliance: Splunk & Qmulos

Predicting Health: Myriad Genetics

A Single Source of Truth to Speed Investigations

Keeping Markets Moving: Splunk & NASDAQ

UNLV: Analyzing The Student Learning Curve

The Source of Truth: Splunk ITSI at Anaplan

Cox Automotive Reduces Incidents by 90%

Monitoring Across the Full Application Lifecycle

Splunking the Sun: Clenergy Team Arrow and the World Solar Challenge

Business Is Different: Splunk Global Impact & Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose

Splunk & Amazon Web Services

The Future of Racing: Splunk At The Indy500!

Empowering Those In Need: Crossroads & Splunk Global Impact

Zillow and Splunk Welcome You Home

Lean and Mean: Splunk and Alaska

Splunk and the Super Bowl: In It to Win It!

What's In a Name? Splunk If I Know

Splunk Cloud Keeps Orion Talking

On The Road with AAA and Splunk Cloud

IT Service Intelligence Powers Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Splunk Cloud and Orrstown Bank: Combatting ATM Fraud

Eye For Excellence with Splunk and Vertu

Splunk & EnerNOC: Clean Energy, Deep Insights

Ubisoft's Creed: Splunk

Team Fortress 2 SMACKDOWN!

Splunk and VenueNext Play Ball

Splunk and TiVo: Running All The Time

Splunk Secures SAIC

Trade Me: The Power of Splunk for Analytics

MindTouch and Splunk Cloud

B2W: Splunk Is Big Data Revolution

Connected Cars with Ford's OpenXC and Splunk

"Splunk and InstantCab"

"Splunk At Heart of iRhythm Operation"

"Splunk: Amazing Stories"

Splunk In Healthcare: "Bosch"

Splunk at Hurricane Labs

"Splunk and Palo Alto Networks Partnership"

Connected Cars With Ford's OpenXC and Splunk: Why?

Corporation Service Company Transforms User Experience with Splunk

Value of Higher Education and Splunk

Splunk And Healthcare: Middlesex Hospital

Building Resilience to Drive Customer Experience Outcomes

Putting Customers at the Center of Everything

Listen, Learn and Adapt to Customer Feedback

Prioritizing Customer Experience Company Wide

Better Digital Experiences & Operational Excellence

Customer information at risk?

Traffic spike causing website issues?

Journey to Digital Resilience with Splunk Customer Success

Splunk Tales: Add Security Contacts for your Splunk Applications

Accelerate your success with Splunk!

Episode 1: The Value of Education in Tech

Episode 3: Hear from a Peer featuring Dustin Eastman

Episode 2: Championing Careers in IT and Cybersecurity

The value of Splunk Professional Services

Get a smooth path to validation of your Splunk Cloud Platform deployment

Maximize your organization with Splunk Education and OnDemand Services

What is the Splunk Learning Rewards program?

The Power of Splunk Education

The Value of New, Free eLearning Courses for Everyone

The Value of Splunk Success Plans

Splunk Tales: What is OnDemand Services?

Splunk Cloud Platform Migration Process

Splunk Customer Success contacts!

Splunk Tales to the rescue!

Accelerate Adoption with the Splunk Use Case Explorer

Introduction to Splunk Common Information Model

Splunk Tales: Case Collaborators

The Power of Splunk Customer Success

Splunk Lantern - Lighting Your Data Journey

Splunk Assigned Expert Service Overview

Log Observer Connect: Leverage the power of Splunk Enterprise data in Splunk Observability Cloud

Log Observer Connect: Leverage the power of Splunk Enterprise data in Splunk Observability Cloud

The Power of Splunk: Security

What is Workload Pricing?

Splunk for AIOps

Splunk RUM troubleshoots customer-facing issues faster to deliver better user experiences

Migrate to Splunk Cloud Platform

Patient Flow and Medical Device Security Solutions

Operational Resilience and Contact Centre solutions

Patient Privacy and Medications Security Solutions


Using AI and Machine Learning to Monitor Digital Businesses

Modern Monitoring with AI, Machine Learning and Automation

The Observability Imperative: Accelerating Your Cloud Journey with Data and Analytics

Splunk Workload Management

OnDemand Services

SOCtails Episode 3 – The Cybersecurity Olympics

Splunk Business Flow Demo Video