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Using Data to Cure Unemployment Fraud in a COVID-19 World

In the middle of a global pandemic, millions of Americans lost their jobs causing unemployment claims to skyrocket. The newly unemployed looked to their local unemployment insurance benefits (UIB) program to help keep them afloat.

But unfortunately states were not prepared for the flood of new claims. The expansion of unemployment coverage at the start of the pandemic and the use of legacy IT systems and archaic security solutions didn’t help.

Fraudsters took notice of the billions of dollars available and preyed on the combination of system vulnerabilities, expanded coverage and the sheer volume of claims,  defrauding the nation out of millions.

Download your complimentary copy of “Using Data to Cure Unemployment Fraud in a COVID-19 World” to learn how the Splunk platform can help government agencies fight UIB fraud by:

Using Data to Cure Unemployment Fraud in a COVID-19 World
  • Finding the fingerprints of fraud hidden in UIB data.
  • Using dashboards to track the UIB benefits applicants in real time and automatically flag fraudulent behavior.
  • Unlocking the power of data for fraud teams to investigate, monitor, analyze and act in real time.

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