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Learn more about our new Splunk Training & Enablement Platform (STEP).
Learn more about our new Splunk Training & Enablement Platform (STEP).


Empower your teams. Increase your relevance.

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Unlock innovation

When you know how to uncover the right insights, you can innovate faster — and Splunk products help you get end-to-end visibility.

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Accelerate time to value

Become an expert with product-specific training that helps teams to realize maximum value.

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Drive resilience

Find out how to maintain a real-time view of the health and performance of your stack. Optimization starts with understanding.


Focused programs so you’re fully empowered

Splunk has training options to fit your realities — whether you’re time-crunched or fully invested, whether it’s your first day or your first deployment.

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Find a learning path

Become a subject matter expert by role or by Splunk function to upskill and drive business value.

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Explore the course catalog

With 50+ courses to choose from, there’s a range of content available for building your expertise.

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Access free courses

Deepen your understanding of the Splunk platform and find out how Splunk training can help solve data challenges.

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Fast Start your Splunk Education Journey

Not sure where to start on your learning journey with Splunk? Consider a Fast Start bundle of courses, which combine eLearning and instructor-led classes for maximum impact. These bundles streamline registration and package coursework designed around your goals. Start here with STEP.


Grow your potential, make a meaningful impact

Knowledge is valuable. In fact, Splunk-certified candidates earn 16% more than uncertified peers. For businesses invested in success, certification delivers results.



Be inspired. Share knowledge. Connect with people who get you

Join peers from around the world and every walk of life and get involved:

  • Ask and answer questions for users like you.
  • Join in on thought-provoking discussions.
  • Take part in a user group in your local area.

Partnerships & Alliances

Connect with additional Splunk resources

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Get expert training with Authorized Learning Partners

Work with trusted Splunk education resources. Our partners offer courses in a variety of languages, either in-person or virtually.

Meet Our Learning Partners
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Learn about Splunk training at your college or university

The Splunk Academic Alliance program offers nonprofit colleges and universities access to data analytics and cybersecurity training for free or at a discount.

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Online Marketplaces

Find Splunk training courses on other popular online platforms. Deepen your knowledge through self-paced coursework and specializations.

Access Coursera Splunk Training


Dive into more insights and expertise


Get the latest Splunk Training and Certification content

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