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Splunk Ventures

Investing in today’s data pioneers to solve tomorrow’s challenges


Splunk Ventures is a strategic investment partner for startups

Our goal is to partner with growing companies using data for transformative solutions to modern problems.


Innovation investments

Modern challenges like digital transformation, architectural complexity and cyber threats are evolving more quickly than ever. We invest in startups building security, observability and developer tools that help our shared customers stay ahead rather than just keep up.

Social impact investments

Data makes problems easier and faster to solve. But using it for humanity’s biggest problems has been slow, creating a “Data Divide.” We invest in startups finding data-driven solutions for pressing issues like sustainability, equality, workforce development and more.



Advantages of working with Splunk Ventures 


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Product and technology access

Work with our product org to build integrations and gain unique insight into Splunk technology.

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Amplified customer value

Collaborate on strategic partnerships and leverage the trusted Splunk brand to benefit our joint customers.

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Access to expertise

Deepen your bench by networking with Splunk’s key players across go-to-market, engineering and IT.


Meet our supported startups


Frequently asked questions

Innovation is in Splunk’s DNA — and we want to stay at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. So Splunk Ventures’ goal is to expand, enrich and partner with the ecosystem of companies like yours using data creatively to solve modern data problems. By staying connected with and supporting other growing innovators, we can best serve our customers (and yours) by ensuring we have deep relationships and partnerships with  related solutions.  

We provide capital, but we are a strategic partner first and foremost.

Because each company we invest in is unique, we tailor our support to you. All of our portfolio companies receive special access to the Splunk platform and technology. They also get leading industry expertise from Splunkers themselves.

Here are some examples of what further Splunk Ventures support might look like by investment type:

  • For innovation investments, we may explore deep technical integrations and go-to-market partnerships with Splunk products, plus provide exclusive insight from our product teams.  
  • For social impact investments, we may explore collaborative opportunities with the Splunk Global Impact team, and organize publicity or speaking opportunities about the incredible social impact your company is making.

We are committed to investing in passionate founders who are innovatively applying data-driven solutions to modern problems. To provide the most strategic value, we look for companies with proven product-market fit that are ready to integrate or partner with us and enhance our joint customer value.

  • Investment stage: Typically Series A-Series D, but we have some flexibility for special situations.
  • Investment size: $500K-$5M, depending on stage and round structure; investments can deviate from that range depending on the opportunity
  • Industries: 
    • Innovation investments: Startups that are within or adjacent to our core markets (security, DevOps, ITOps, business analytics)
    • Social impact investments: Startups that are intentionally prioritizing data-driven solutions for humanity's biggest problems, such as sustainability, equality, health and beyond
  • Lead investor: An institutional lead investor is required for our participation. This way, we can focus on evaluating how we can best strategically support you.
  • Board seat: We don’t take board seats, but occasionally take a board observer seat.

We typically don’t participate in follow-on rounds. Our primary goal is to partner with our portfolio companies to enhance joint customer value through deeper partnerships, and we don’t feel that additional capital helps us do that.

We follow the investment terms that the lead investor defines. However, we do have a standard Side Letter Agreement for all of our portfolio companies which covers the following rights:

  • Management access: We want to check in with you on a regular basis to see how the business is doing.
  • Financial information: We’ll be requesting unaudited quarterly GAAP financial statements to help track financial progress and for our own accounting purposes. 
  • Publicity restrictions: As a public company, we need to know if and when our name will be used in any major publicity or marketing. We love co-marketing and extra press, we just ask that we get to review and approve it first.
  • M&A notification: If you get an acquisition offer, we want a heads up!  

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