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Splunk AI

Catalyze your digital resilience with human-in-the-loop AI to accelerate detection, investigation and response.


Accelerate human decision-making and guide automation

Unlock new potential with Splunk AI. Bring comprehensive context and interpretation, rapid event detection, and greater productivity with human-assisted automation to your SecOps, ITOps, and engineering teams. Address your daily use cases with powerful AI integrated into everyday workflows.


Conquer your unique challenges with baked-in and extensible AI

Advance your security and observability with embedded capabilities

Utilize out-of-the-box machine learning (ML) features directly integrated into your workstreams —included with Enterprise Security, User Behavior Analytics, IT Service Intelligence, On-Call, Application Monitoring and Infrastructure Monitoring.

ITSI ML-assisted adaptive thresholding
Splunk App for Anomaly Detection

Get more out of Splunk with assistive intelligence

Use generative AI to help new users quickly get up to speed and advanced users unlock more out of Splunk with Splunk AI Assistant (Preview). Plus, the Splunk App for Anomaly Detection lets users detect anomalies using powerful machine learning algorithms in just a few clicks.

Meet your needs with customizable ML tools

Tailor your ML to tackle any use case with custom-fit algorithms using the Machine Learning Toolkit that includes guided workflows and smart assistants, and Splunk App for Data Science and Deep Learning for advanced use cases with data science tools.

Machine Learning Toolkit Showcase Assistants

Splunk Advantage

Purpose-built AI to improve resilience outcomes

integrated-monitoring-and-alerting integrated-monitoring-and-alerting

Domain and Splunk specific

Address your unique security and observability use cases with AI tightly integrated into your workflows

aws-app aws-app


Stay in the driver’s seat when making critical decisions with human-assisted AI you can trust.

adaptive-response adaptive-response

Open and extensible

Bring AI where you need it with flexible solutions that integrate with third-party frameworks.

TransUnion customer enjoys the benefits of streamlined IT operations and a better CX, thanks to Splunk AI. TransUnion customer enjoys the benefits of streamlined IT operations and a better CX, thanks to Splunk AI.


TransUnion Invests in Splunk Solutions for Enterprise Monitoring & Machine Learning

Understanding customer volume patterns is important for the business. If traffic falls outside of a certain range, an alert is created. Splunk machine learning allows us to investigate early to ensure a seamless customer experience.

Steve Koelpin, Lead Splunk Developer, TransUnion


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Go deeper with Splunk AI

An Introductory Use Case Guide: Splunk Artificial Intelligence for Observability

Learn how Splunk AI can help solve your most common observability problems.

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