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Use Case

Splunk for SAP® solutions

Strengthen digital resilience by maximizing the security, performance and uptime of your SAP environments.


Digital resilience for the intelligent enterprise

Ensuring resilience of mission-critical SAP applications in the face of disruptions is non-negotiable. Gain complete visibility into SAP systems with Splunk. Proactively detect and respond to cyber threats, performance degradations and outages. Plus, eliminate unplanned downtime and protect critical data and assets.


Make your SAP systems more resilient

reduce-time-to-detect reduce-time-to-detect

Gain comprehensive visibility

Perform end-to-end analysis and visualization of real-time or historic SAP telemetry in Splunk.

reduce-time-to-detect reduce-time-to-detect

Reduce cyber risk

Detect and respond to cyber threats fast—bring SAP into Splunk security analytics and ops workflows.

improve-uptime-performance improve-uptime-performance

Improve performance and uptime

Proactively address  performance degradations and outages with advanced analytics and machine learning.

Dashboard view showing logon success by the same user from different Terminal IDs over seven days

Splunk Security for SAP Solutions

Leverage this SAP Premium Certified Endorsed App to reduce the likelihood of cyber disruptions and data breaches by monitoring, identifying and neutralizing cyber threats impacting your SAP environments.

Splunk Service Intelligence for SAP Solutions

Bring the power of AI-driven monitoring to the SAP technology stack. By correlating SAP data with infrastructure data, you can gain end-to-end visibility into business processes—helping to eliminate downtime and avoid costly outages.

Episode review screen showing mean time to resolve, severity and impacted services

Drive better outcomes

Digital resilience Digital resilience

Digital resilience

Make your intelligent enterprise more resilient by ensuring the security, performance and uptime of your SAP systems with Splunk.

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Business risk reduction Business risk reduction

Business risk reduction

Gain end-to-end visibility to transform SAP data into accurate security and operational insights.

reduce-cyber-security-threats reduce-cyber-security-threats

Advanced threat detection

Uncover and neutralize sophisticated attacks that bypass traditional detection methods.

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The Partnership

Splunk and SAP—a strategic partnership

Together, Splunk and SAP help global organizations improve security, optimize performance, gain operational insight and drive innovation to unlock new areas of growth.

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Maximize the security, performance and uptime of your SAP systems.