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SANS 2022 SOC Survey:
A Look Inside

A security operations center (SOC) is defined by its capabilities, as well as how these capabilities are prioritized by the organization.

In the recent SANS 2022 SOC Survey, of 519 respondents, a range of industries, organizational sizes, geographies and roles were represented to explore “the ongoing development and progress of the security operations center.”

Watch this webinar now to dig into data around the following:

  • People: Why the SOC’s human element is by far the greatest challenge. How normal is high turnover in today’s SOC?
  • Capabilities: Is your security team really a SOC? What SOC capabilities are most commonly outsourced?
  • Technology: The relationship between your technology deployment and SOC maturity. How did SIEM and SOAR stack up?
  • Metrics: How do you measure SOC success using metrics?

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