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Public sector

Modernize your agency's operations with the unified security and observability platform.

Confident decisions and actions at mission speeds

For public sector leaders entrusted with mission success, Splunk offers an enterprise-wide solution with a unified security posture and data analytics capabilities to help them make confident decisions — and take action. Splunk’s ability to provide real-time, data-driven insights helps agencies unlock innovation, improve security and prepare for the mission ahead.

Thousands of U.S. public sector organizations use Splunk’s security, IT and observability solutions, including:

  • All three branches of the federal government and more than a dozen cabinet-level departments.
  • All four branches of the U.S. military and multiple intelligence agencies.
  • All 50 states.
  • The majority of the 25 largest cities and counties in the U.S.
  • 900+ past and present higher education institutions.
  • 48 out of the 50 largest U.S. cities.
With Splunk you can:
  • Meet requirements for cyber incident response mandated by the Biden Administration’s recent executive order (EO) OMB M-21-31 with a trusted federal partner that understands agency mandates and the cybersecurity challenges leaders face.
  • Protect your data’s confidentiality, integrity and availability in compliance with government security requirements such as FedRAMP moderate, StateRAMP moderate and IL5. Learn about compliance at Splunk.
  • Automate compliance monitoring and repetitive security tasks so your security operation center (SOC) personnel can focus on high-value strategic initiatives.
  • Create flexible and trusted computing environments that reduce infrastructure requirements, derive value from enterprise data, and modernize IT service delivery and end-user experiences.
  • Ensure optimal performance, uptime and availability of systems and applications with end-to-end visibility across cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments.


Solutions to meet every agency challenge

PS icon PS icon

Public Safety

Remove the barriers between data and action to accelerate criminal investigations, improve emergency response times and more.

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federal-civilian-agencies federal-civilian-agencies

Federal civilian agencies

Turn machine data into new insights that your teams can use securely to maintain service continuity.

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defense-intelligence-agencies defense-intelligence-agencies

Defense and intelligence agencies

Collect, analyze and store data to discover threats that could compromise our national security. Splunk Cloud Platform is provisionally authorized for DoD SRG IL2, IL4 and IL5 workloads

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state-local-government state-local-government

State and local government

Query structured and unstructured data to achieve efficiencies and provide new services to citizens.

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Data-driven capabilities to fulfill every agency mission

Improve security

Advanced threats are the most significant risk to our homeland, and cyber defense is at the heart of our national security. Splunk Enterprise Security with advanced threat detection and user behavior analytics (UBA) is the industry’s most advanced security analytics and risk management solution. And by meeting FedRAMP and StateRAMP security standards, Splunk Cloud Platform accelerates agency issuance of authority-to-operate and provides proactive risk management from the start.


Unlock innovation

Every government agency has a mission to deliver citizen services or ensure civilian safety and welfare. The Splunk platform combined with Splunk IT Service Intelligence helps agencies deliver timely and consistent services by removing bottlenecks. That way, they can manage incidents and exceptions more efficiently and proactively.


Drive resilience

Agencies embrace innovations that help them improve efficiency, reduce risk and ultimately meet mission objectives. Splunk helps agencies overcome technology modernization hurdles by enabling seamless cloud/hybrid migrations, rationalizing applications and consolidating systems, optimizing existing data centers, deploying shared services and more.

What can you do with Splunk?