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Splunk products

Detect, investigate and respond faster with Splunk’s Unified Security and Observability Platform. Watch the demos below to see how SecOps, ITOps and engineering teams can collaborate to ensure digital systems remain secure and reliable.



The Unified Security and Observability Platform

Go from visibility to action, fast and at scale.

The Splunk platform provides unified solutions for security and observability on a unified platform, powered by Splunk AI


Designed for the hybrid world you live in

Improve data accessibility. Access data-driven insights. Remove data silos. Splunk is a single platform designed for the way you work, with the capabilities your business demands.

Monthly searches
Unique apps and add-ons
Unique data integrations


Data-driven security for the modern SOC

Protect your business and elevate your security operations with a best-in-class data platform, advanced analytics and automated investigations and response.

reduction in alert volume
30 secs
to complete processes that once took 30 minutes
improvement in alert fidelity


Full-stack visibility at any scale

Solve problems in seconds with the only full-stack, analytics-powered and OpenTelemetry-native observability solution.

<2 minutes
Mean time to acknowledge
Reduction in load time
reduction in average time per incident, saving 140 hours/month

Splunk Universal Forwarder

Fast and secure data collection from remote sources. Collect data from various sources, including other forwarders, and send it to a Splunk deployment. Use the universal forwarder to seamlessly send data to Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Cloud or Splunk Light.



Expand your Splunk advantages

Artificial Intelligence

custom App

Unlock greater productivity, proactive threat prevention and faster incident response with Splunk artificial intelligence tools and embedded capabilities.

Custom Apps

custom App

Have a specific problem you need to tackle? We’ve made it easy to build your own apps with direct access to a wide range of developer resources.



Tap into the extended expertise and deep knowledge in the Splunk partner ecosystem. From migrations and managing expanding environments to scaling technologies to meet user needs, our partners can help.



Discover 2400+ pre-built apps, add-ons and integrations from our partners and the broader Splunk community. Whatever your need, whatever the data source, you have options.

Leading organizations choose Splunk

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From security to observability and beyond, Splunk helps you go from visibility to action.