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Splunk Observability

Solve problems in seconds with the only full-stack, analytics-powered and OpenTelemetry-native observability solution.


Improve digital resilience by lowering the cost of unplanned downtime, in one unified experience

Fix problems faster

Guided root cause analysis, intelligent correlation and built-in incident response help teams spot and resolve issues 80-90% faster.

Improve reliability

Predictive analytics and proactive business services monitoring helps teams reduce major IT incidents by over 50%.

Build exceptional customer experiences

Gain a superhuman understanding of your apps, infrastructure and user’s experiences with open standards based, real-time monitoring, accelerating development by over 90%.

splunk observability metrics logs traces video


Splunk Observability

Splunk Application Performance Monitoring

Get insight into cloud-native, microservice and monolithic applications with NoSample distributed tracing and code-level visibility. 

apm services overview

Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring

Improve hybrid cloud performance with instant visibility and real-time alerts.





Splunk IT Service Intelligence

Ensure service performance with full visibility, AIOps and incident intelligence. 


Splunk Log Observer Connect

Start investigating application and infrastructure logs in minutes for the "Why?" behind software behavior. 

log observer dashboard

Splunk Real User Monitoring

Find and fix customer-facing issues across web and mobile with full visibility into the end-user experience. 

real user monitoring

Splunk Synthetic Monitoring

Proactively spot and resolve performance issues across user flows, business transactions and APIs. 

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Splunk On-Call

Make on-call less frustrating and improve business outcomes with automated incident response.

on call dashboard


Solve it with Splunk

Cloud migration Cloud migration

Cloud migration

Stay agile and flexible so you can drive high performance and excel in the cloud.

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fast-flexible-service-excellence fast-flexible-service-excellence

Isolating problems in cloud native environments

Cloud native apps are complex. With Splunk Observability, one engineer can confidently solve problems across their entire system.

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IT modernization IT modernization

IT modernization

Maintain high IT service uptime while improving efficiency and reducing alert storms.

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Why Splunk for observability?

End-to-end visibility across your entire hybrid landscape

opentelemetry collector

From packaged, on-prem applications to cloud-native web applications, only Splunk delivers end-to-end visibility and correlates issues across your stack.

Predict and detect problems before they impact customers


Anticipate unknowns without relying on human-generated alerts. AIOps is baked in, so it’s easy to detect and investigate unusual changes instantly.

Directed troubleshooting that tells you where to look

apm services overview

Get AI-assisted, directed troubleshooting that includes business context and provides guidance on where to look when investigating problems.

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Modernize your security operations and protect your business with data, analytics, automation and end-to-end integrations.

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platform platform


The extensible Splunk data platform for the hybrid cloud powers unified security, full-stack observability and limitless custom applications.

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Get a 14-day Splunk Observability Cloud free trial. Whether you need full-fidelity monitoring and troubleshooting for infrastructure, application or users, get it all in real time and at any scale. No credit card required.