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Microsoft Azure monitoring

Innovate with confidence, migrate and modernize existing environments, and scale without limits.

azure hero dashboard


Full-stack, real-time, analytics-driven monitoring for Azure

Get all your insights in one place. Splunk Observability takes the complexity out of monitoring your Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud environment. Get complete, instant visibility with contextual insights across your infrastructure, applications and customer experience to anticipate problems before customers notice, and know where to look when a problem does occur.


Simplified monitoring for complex Azure environments

Visualize your entire hybrid technology landscape

Eliminate data silos and guesswork for IT operations, DevOps/SRE and development teams with a real-time view of all Azure instances in one place. Get end-to-end visibility and correlate issues impacting multiple parts of the stack.

azure river dashboard
azure river dashboard

Improve uptime, reliability and performance

Proactively find and fix complex issues in seconds across the Azure hybrid cloud infrastructure before it impacts business performance. Reduce noise with integrated workflows, accurate outlier detection and dynamic alert conditions.

Power ad hoc investigations for real-time answers

Surface high value custom metrics for deep root cause analysis. Analyze performance across hundreds of thousands of Azure components, multiple deployment environments, different application versions and billions of events.

power ad hoc investigation dashboard
keep control of your data dashboard

Keep control of your data with no vendor lock-in

Use open-based standards like OpenTelemetry to auto-instrument once for all your data types and start monitoring your hybrid environment in minutes alongside existing Azure metrics with full-fidelity visibility. No more rework.

Splunk Advantage

Splunk Observability goes beyond just monitoring

full-fidelity-visibility full-fidelity-visibility

Full-fidelity visibility without missing any anomalies or outliers

Concurrently process data at massive scale from a streaming architecture.

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fast-flexible-service-excellence fast-flexible-service-excellence

Predictive problem detection before customers are affected

Detect and investigate unusual changes fast with built-in data science.

fast-flexible-service-excellence fast-flexible-service-excellence

Directed troubleshooting tells you where to look and what’s impacted

Scale modern, serverless deployments with AI-powered, contextual insights.

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Bosch Boosts Factory Efficiency Through Smarter Data Use

Splunk technology helps us to decide measures faster and with better results. Across the organization, it’s creating a higher quality of work.

Claus Giehl, Industry 4.0 Innovation and Product Manager, Bosch Manufacturing Solutions


A single platform for all your observability needs

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