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Kubernetes monitoring

Get a clear view into the health of Kubernetes clusters and workloads to expedite troubleshooting and drill down quickly to reduce mean time to resolution.

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Powering containerization and portability

Kubernetes has become the standard for deploying containerized applications and achieving portability across multicloud environments. But this comes with a lot of operational complexity when trying to isolate problems. DevOps and site reliability engineering teams need to visualize and monitor performance of the entirety of Kubernetes deployments.


Intuitively manage performance in Kubernetes environments

Monitor Kubernetes behavior

Get an immediate, comprehensive, out-of-the-box hierarchical view of nodes, pods and containers.

threat detection

Understand context

Context is key. Splunk helps you bring Kubernetes data together with infrastructure data, application data and logs — without context switching.

Tap into AI-driven analytics

Troubleshoot faster using AI-driven analytics that automatically surface anomalous pods and services.

threat detection

Splunk Advantage

Understand Kubernetes performance faster than ever

Kubernetes Monitoring Kubernetes Monitoring

Fully-automated Kubernetes monitoring

Monitor the full stack with zero-touch configuration and automated discovery.

Monitoring Kubernetes
dynamic cluster map dynamic cluster map

Dynamic cluster map

Visualize cluster health, performance correlation and interdependence.

Watch the Kubernetes 101 Webinar
fast-flexible-service-excellence fast-flexible-service-excellence

Accelerated root cause analysis

Explore the tech stack with a fast pivot to intelligently alert and direct on issues.

Monitoring Microservices on Kubernetes


One platform, end-to-end observability


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Consolidate tools, optimize spend and get the most from Kubernetes.