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How Data Can Help Us Get Back to School Safely

Reopening campuses safely requires a proactive approach to data


When COVID-19 shut down campuses across the country, institutions pivoted to online learning. And while distance learning has allowed classes to continue, universities acknowledge that it isn’t an adequate substitute for an on-campus educational experience. Campus closures also have financial consequences: most colleges and universities rely on tuition, sporting events and other on-campus services for revenue, which has fallen sharply in the months since the shutdowns began. 

Lives, livelihoods and educations depend on schools reopening safely. Data can help us get there. Read the white paper to learn: 

  • What data platform features are “must-haves” for effectively applying CDC guidelines
  • How Splunk can help institutional leadership make informed decisions to maximize safety
  • The ways a connected campus can help facilitate contact tracing and cleaning efforts

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