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Financial Services & Insurance

Invest in data-driven action

Transform your business through data analytics

Financial services institutions inherently bring data to every situation — the sheer volume of data generated through transactions, customers and products fuel the industry. In an era where data influences every decision, leading financial firms know that a holistic data strategy is key to solving the most critical issues for both themselves and their customers. It’s the only way to achieve greater efficiencies, increased profitability, and enhanced risk and compliance prioritization. Splunk sits at the center as the platform to make it all happen.

See what the Splunk portfolio can do for you


Mitigate Cyber Events and Automate Responses

Anomalies in client and user activity could pose a risk to your business. Identify and investigate those incidents, deploy an automation response playbook and generate dashboards to stop issues before they impact users, or even worse, customers.

Financial Crime

Reduce Exposure to Fraud and Financial Crime

Criminals constantly seek to exploit deficiencies in controls and gaps in monitoring. Splunk works in collaboration with your internal systems through a variety of integrations for effective analysis of both structured and unstructured data.

IT Operations

Improve Infrastructure Integrity in an Always-on Environment

Deliver high levels of availability and accelerate problem resolution across the range of your firm’s IT network. Monitor multitudes of systems in real-time and correlate across thousands of data feeds to drive decision making. Leverage predictive analytics to ward off system failures before they happen.

What can you do with Splunk?