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Data and the Future of Defense

How prepared is the Department of Defense for modern warfare?


The visualization of complex data, not to mention the ease of communication, control and coordination requires that data is shared across a wide range of historically incompatible systems.

Now that the data tools and platforms exist, the DoD can accelerate its time to fully operationalize a Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) capability. It could effectively predict and solve future problems with a strong data-driven platform that takes into account all of its assets.

Download your copy of Data and the Future of Defense and discover how you can leverage the right data platform to ensure a data-first strategy that helps you:

  • Automate responses at machine speeds in near real time
  • Anticipate adversary tactics
  • Maintain a strong security posture in the cloud
  • Link every sensor to every shooter via a military IoT

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