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Community is for everyone! Ask questions, get answers, share ideas and connect with like-minded Splunk enthusiasts.

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splunk answers splunk answers
Splunk Answers

Whenever you have questions, find solutions from passionate experts in the Splunk community.

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splunk user groups splunk user groups
Splunk User Groups

Meet fellow Splunk fans online or in person, learn tips and tricks, check out new use cases and more.

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Splunk Ideas

Search for, vote on or submit an idea for new enhancements for any Splunk product or solution.

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Our members say it best

I am in tears almost; I am speechless. Thank you for taking the time to help me and for teaching me along the way.

Splunk Community Member

Splunk Community Support

New to Splunk? We’re here to help.

splunk answers

Splunk Answers

No matter where you are on your Splunk journey, questions pop up. When they do, visit Splunk Answers to get support from seasoned community experts fast. 

Let it be known to the world that a wonderful Splunk Answers community member spent five hours with me on this and stayed up until 4 a.m. on a weekend to help me out. Best. Person.

Splunk Community Member

Splunk User Groups

With more than 100 user groups worldwide, chances are there’s one near you. Join today and connect with other Splunk aficionados to share your passion and succeed together.

The user groups are great and so much fun. It's just nice getting together, in-person or virtually, where we all just get each other. ... We get each other's jobs, we get each other's challenges, and we can share what we're doing, what's working and what we need help with, and everyone just supports each other.

Splunk Community Member
splunk user groups
splunk trust

SplunkTrust and MVPs

Have you seen the fez? It represents the SplunkTrust, an MVP program that recognizes and rewards some of our top contributors. Be on the lookout for these rockstar members — you'll find them answering questions, leading user groups and more.

You don't know how grateful I am, not so much for the code, which works great, but above all because Richfez from the SplunkTrust explained many things that were not clear to me. He was able to make me understand how to set up a search in Splunk and understand how to use commands and functions together.

Splunk Community Member

State of Splunk Careers 2022

What impact can Splunk have on careers, opportunities and compensation?

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splunk documentation splunk documentation
Splunk Documentation

Learn the ins and outs of the Splunk platform.

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Splunk Lantern Splunk Lantern
Splunk Lantern

Let Splunk experts guide your way.

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Splunk Support Splunk Support
Splunk Support

Ensure your success with help from a variety of support options.

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splunkbase splunkbase

Find an app or add-on for most any data source and user need.

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Splunk Partners Splunk Partners
Splunk Partners

Join the Splunk Partner+ ecosystem to connect with the industry's finest professionals and build an exclusive worldwide network.

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Splunk Blogs Splunk Blogs
Splunk Blogs

Read about what's happening with our products, community and more.

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