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Communication Service Providers

Listen to your data

Delivering Actionable Insights

Splunk software can help you simplify and modernize IT to increase uptime and gain a competitive edge!

Data-driven insights are key to transformation in all aspects of a Communication Service Provider’s business, and success requires a data analytics strategy and platform with certain key characteristics:


With Splunk you can:
  • Customer at the center - Decision-making must reflect the priorities of the customer and the business.
  • Common source of truth - A provider needs a coherent and holistic view of the customer, services and networks.
  • Connect the important to the actionable - What matters to the business linked to appropriate action.
  • Insights when and where they’re needed - Derived at the speed of business and capable of taking action on these insights.
  • Future proofed platform - Success depends on iterative improvements and agility.
Threat Detection and Response

Ready to Use Real-Time Monitoring

Out-of-the-box and custom correlation searches help find threats, determine security posture and compliance through continuous security monitoring of critical entities.


Detect the Latest Most Advanced Threats

Anomaly detection and machine learning provide analysts with the crucial ability to detect unknown and advanced threats.

SOC Automation

Automate Your Security Operations Center

Detect and respond at machine speed by sharing and automating institutional knowledge and leveraging Adaptive Response.

Incident Response

Take the Right Action Quickly and Accurately

Visualize and document investigation cycles to detect, analyze and respond to security incidents and threats.


Compliance Made Easy

Regardless of source, ingest data and automate reporting to demonstrate compliance.

Fraud Detection

Mitigate Fraudulent Behavior and Transactions

Identify fraudulent activity and take action before it's too late.

Learn how Communication Service Providers are using Splunk across their ecosystems.


communication service providers

Transform your business by driving value across the organization with data:

monitoring-and-diagnostics monitoring-and-diagnostics

Near real time

Process streaming data and derive analytics in near real time.

seamless-customer-experience seamless-customer-experience

Cross layer connection and automation

Build integrated analytics to connect service experience to your network infrastructure. 

any-user any-user

Any User

Support for insights and analytics leveraging common shared data.

any-machine-data any-machine-data

Any data

Ingest any data, regardless of source across disparate data silos..

future-proof future-proof

Future-proofed platform

Incorporate a rich array of advanced capabilities.

Monitor. Resolve. Accelerate.

Splunk software can index data generated across the entire service delivery platform (SDP) to help CSPs effectively manage their network operations.

Monitor Activations in Real Time

CSPs can effectively monitor their network infrastructures to proactively resolve problems, ensure consistent delivery of services and accelerate the introduction of new products.

Detect Network Abusers and Prevent Fraud

Detect fraudulent activity as it occurs by correlating information across different types of machine data and detecting anomalous behavior.

Proactively Resolve Customer Issues

Correlate structured, unstructured and semi-structured data to gain new insights and proactively monitor and resolve customer issues across Internet, voice and data services.

Strengthen Your Security Posture

Secure subscriber information across devices and services. Collect and index data to support ad hoc reporting and the real-time monitoring of incidents to give security teams new levels of visibility and intelligence.

Communication Service Provider Customers Globally Leverage Splunk Software
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What can you do with Splunk?