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The Key Lesson From The SolarWinds Hack Is Visibility

Late 2020, SolarWinds discovered that nation-state hackers successfully trojanized software updates to their network monitoring platform. This highly sophisticated, supply chain attack infected tens of thousands of unsuspecting customers, including the US government, Microsoft and Cisco. Scarier yet, it took over a year before Solarwinds realized that their internal systems had been breached.

Since the attacks were reported, security teams everywhere have stepped up their defenses — and now you can, too. Download your complimentary copy of The Key Lesson From The SolarWinds Hack Is Visibility to discover how:

key lesson
  • A holistic security setup can eliminate blind spots and uncover hidden threats
  • Supply chain attacks can be thwarted thanks to a unified, end-to-end approach to data
  • Anomaly detection and two-factor authentication can help detect unusual activity
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