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Analyst Report

Enterprises Report Benefits of Migrating to Splunk Cloud Platform

As enterprises’ rapid expansion to the cloud continues, IT leaders are continuously looking for ways to focus more on driving business value, efficiency and scale.

Moving deployments to the cloud delivered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offers a win-win for current Splunk customers HSBC, Pacific Dental Services and GAF. In this white paper IDC examines the drivers and benefits that drove these enterprises to migrate deployments from on-premises to Splunk Cloud Platform delivered as a service. Customers documented for IDC the various business outcomes and benefits after migrating to the cloud and shared their journeys.

  • HSBC: Accelerated time to value and increased scalability by >300%
  • Pacific Dental Services: Increased operational efficiencies by more than 40%
  • GAF: Realized annual cost savings by 20%

To learn more about the customers cloud migration success, business benefits and best practices, download the IDC report.

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