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Closing the Cybersecurity Gap - 3 Keys to Analytics-Driven Security


According to the 2018 Security Priorities study from IDG, 28% of IT professionals and leaders say that external cyber threats force them to redirect time and focus away from more strategic tasks. That same study found also found that the average number of open positions in their organizations is 3.4, which means already overburdened security teams already face an avalanche of alerts from an array of tools without the resources to sift through the noise.

Read this Executive Brief from CSO, Closing the Cybersecurity Gap: 3 Keys to an Analytics-Driven Security, to learn how you can improve your security posture and gain real bottom-line benefits by:

Download your copy to learn how to:

  • Eliminating data silos and centralizing data
  • Automating processes and orchestrating security workflows
  • Integrating and optimizing security within IT organizational structures

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