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.conf®18 sessions

2018 State of DevOps: An Expert Panel

DevOps practitioners, decision-makers and visionaries committed to transforming how software is created share their insights in this panel session of experts. DevOps has moved past the hype stage, but that doesn’t mean the change is instant or even welcome. For that matter, are we convinced that DevOps must be applied everywhere? These and other important issues are discussed and debated by DevOps visionaries, with audience participation. Speakers from Splunk: Andi Mann, Chief Technology Advocate, Todd Vernon, VP, Product, and Hal Rottenberg, Sales Engineer. Also speaking are: Deepak Giridharagopal, CTO, Puppet; Cesar Barria, Cox Automotive Director, Architecture; Brian Beyer, Co-Founder & CEO at Red Canary.

Watch this .conf18 session to learn why:

  • DevOps evolution is nonlinear
  • Culture, automation, measurement and sharing practices expand as organizations evolve
  • Executives have a rosier view of DevOps progress than the teams below them
  • Automating security policy configurations is a critical practice to get to the highest levels of DevOps evolution

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